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Meal course of study borrows an Olympic Games to play originality card
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Vice-chairman of Chinese cooking association holds secretary-general willow concurrently to was held a few days ago " economy of development Olympic Games, forum of innovation culture industry and Beijing ' source of flourishing age dragon ' the project is recommended meeting " on express, construction and development have the area of innovation force, competitive, new industry garden that has development power one batch, it is the major pioneering work of course of study of our country meal and originality culture industry, promote effectively the development of course of study of our country meal and originality culture industry.

She thinks, beijing the Olympic Games was countrywide each industry 2008 is collective expect with responsibility, meal course of study should enter a place for the agree with Olympic Games business chance, learn and study the characteristic law of culture originality industry, olympic Games of own innovation, healthy competition, service, begin Olympic Games economy actively to build a project with all-around ability of competition of promotion meal industry, the figure of course of study of aggrandizement China meal and position.

As we have learned, "Source of flourishing age dragon " be located in area of Beijing Cbd core east side, the thing is continuous invest 4 billion yuan of RMBs 1.7 kilometers, always. This project is the industrial garden area that holds a variety of consumption demand and overall service function concurrently, always cover an area of a face to accumulate three hundred and fifty-eight thousand seven hundred square metre, floor area nearly 200 thousand square metre, afforest 232 thousand square metre, water system parking lot of 12 thousand smooth rice, 50 thousand square metre, the group of construction of Chinese classic form that includes 6 big distinguishing feature group, exceed modern theater, exceed large-scale halfback cinema, and the Long Yuan park that type of a gardens designs.

Project with " 4 collect one inn " 5 big functions board piece form first-rate complex industry condition, cover a country to feed collect, bar is collected, recreation is collected, art is collected and hotel of class of a star. Among them " the country is fed collect " include tens of domestic meal companies, form exceed group of wholesale high-end brand meal, make Beijing have an area most the area of the prandial meal first selection of appeal force; "Bar is collected " restaurant of bar of amount to a hunderd schools, resort much tall concentrative, tall complementary sex, more alternative wait for a characteristic to become Beijing's new recreational meal center; "Recreation is collected " make all-around, much kind one-stop recreation health body zone; "Art is collected " gather jewelry of on 1000 gold and artwork distributor door, it is at present Beijing and even whole nation have the area of characteristic, integrated service garden that has originality most most.

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