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3 old wine are planted battle of the sales promotion before start shooting secti
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As the drawing near of the Spring Festival, wine kind year is the largest sale busy season has been detonated. The reporter visits Guangzhou discovery of each big market supermarket, wine kind goods shelves presents a strong red-letter day to celebrate atmosphere, depreciate, ceremony box is packed, give gift to waited sales promotion information a moment to attract a lot of eyeball, big fight of a sale is between wine brand start shooting.

Liquor division

High-grade liquor rises in price outfit of the box that turn a ceremony

Draw near the Spring Festival, liquor enters a tradition to sell busy season. In Guangzhou each big market supermarket sees, the magnate of wine line of business such as fluid of Maotai, 5 grain installed independent goods shelves in the supermarket in succession, place elegant ceremony box outfit in conspicuous position, deserve to wait for gift loot market with goblet at the same time.

In 3 yuan of li of Yi Chulian's beautiful wine kind sale shop sees, maotai rolled out the ceremony box outfit of all sorts of different price, satisfy the requirement of citizen give sb a present of different spending administrative levels. Among them, price 308 yuan Maotai because box of gift of bottle of 52 degrees of craft packs moderate of elegant, price, most get consumer reception. Additional, maotai still rolled out east of the world of riches and honour, samite 52 degrees wait many ceremonies box, deserve to go up the little gift such as delicate goblet. Strategy of box of this kind of ceremony gets likewise another liquor tycoon of 5 grain fluid chase after hold in both hands, 5 grain fluid rolled out outfit of box of much money ceremony likewise, configured two delicate small goblet.

At the beginning of this month, maotai decides to producer price of tone Guizhou Maotai goes up appropriately since January 11 oneself, go up on average amplitude modulation is about 20% . See on market, maotai riches and honour price of box of gift of bottle of 52 degrees of craft 308 yuan, maotai samite is Oriental price of box of 52 degrees of ceremonies 428 yuan. But many consumer express, festal give sb a present or xenial close friends use Maotai is a kind creditable or festival indicative, can not mind the value is little promotion.

Second line liquor increases sales promotion yielding benefit

Besides a few big tycoons, brands of many second line liquor also support market of action loot Spring Festival in succession. Had been in Guangdong market spade husbandry mouth of a few years laughs, increasing the development strength of pair of Guangdong markets stage by stage. As we have learned, "When to want mouth laugh " the activity that blow award is in early already rolled out in November 2007, tremendous echo was caused between consumer. The reporter is in visit Guangzhou each large supermarket discovery, jin Liufu also developed activity of series sales promotion, consumer buys 6 blessing other people to be able to be obtained give with type product or edible oil. In addition, of Maotai child the brand also began series to buy give an activity.
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