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Two small atomy wear traditional dress to sell sesame seed cake to solicit a gue
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"Will quickly buy delicious sesame seed cake! " yesterday, on south bank new market 98 " cake of 2 man X " outside inn door, two height are not worth a meter, wear traditional dress " small atomy " wear in cry out, among them one person is being held in both hands put full the bamboo basket of sesame seed cake, their bearing drew many citizens to stop watch.
"Mom, the elder brother is very pitiful, so small come out to sell a thing. " " use child labor illegally, you these bosses are good firm oh! " hear the comment that comes out in the crowd, two small pygmean chuckle laugh continuously. "Groups big are at ease, we are already grown, still be the boss of this inn. " the explanation that hears them, people says to surprise unceasingly.
Two " small atomy " , one calls Zhong Huawei, this year 23 years old, rong Changren. Another calls Luo Bo the country, 18 years old, come from Dazhou.
"They are frank, we resemble a friend, so we are willing to follow them. " Deng Kegong and Chen Jun say the master worker that becoming sesame seed cake. Bell, collect, Deng, old the colleague that pursues cake trade is before 4 people, because Zhong Yuluo humanness is amiable, frank and simple and honest. Before inn of sesame seed cake opens business, deng and Chen Jue follow surely two " small atomy " make the world together, zhong Yuluo gives money, be in charge of providing rear service; Deng and old give a technology, responsible development cake is planted.
"They are very managing before, a month 300 yuan of salary, use 50 yuan only. " because work before salary is not high, bell, collect two people are hardworking and thrifty spends day, 2 people opened saving of a year the first day store of this sesame seed cake in New Year. Because taste is much, practice diversity, set up shop does not have a few days, the business is good still. As we have learned, this kind " pygmean " the store of sesame seed cake that becomes a boss is in advocate the city zone or the first.
"A lot of people like to eat foreign pastry now, like to eat sesame seed cake without the person, if do not think way,be no good. " think of traditional sesame seed cake is washed out gradually, two " pygmean " also relatively energetically, should taste with traditional sesame seed cake and Western-style dot " enrol too than fierce " , with new the Chongqing citizen that improved sesame seed cake will come to attract taste to nag.
Reporter Xiong Yi / civil Zhang Zhi / pursue

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