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Industrial and commercial total bureau platoon checks 3 kinds of sales promotion
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Beijing evening paper signs up for dispatch (reporter Yang Bin) the country is industrial and commercial total bureau issues urgent announcement, business chance of industry of requirement each district closes to wait for held grain oil to market of this area under administration, bazaar, supermarket the circumstance of sales promotion of basic necessaries of life such as the flesh, deputy food, large be on sale the activity such as the meeting undertakes be discharginged in the round checking, from tight control in a limited time sales promotion of sale, set limit to and depreciate the activity such as sales promotion.

Business chance of announcement requirement industry closes to be tasted with egg of oil of commissariat, edible, pork, vegetable, birds, non-staple food wait for festal consumption appeal of big, consumer is informed against more and with masses the basic necessaries of life closely related the life attachs most importance to a dot, manage an enterprise to attach most importance to bit of place with mart of trade of bazaar, supermarket, terminal market, market and food, attach most importance to bit of area with country and department of urban and rural union, to area under administration inside all is engaged in oil of commissariat, edible, flesh kind, the operator that the basic necessaries of life such as deputy food sells begins comprehensive inspection.

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