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Hotel Spring Festival rolls out holiday this locality to go vacationing sale
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As a result of the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of business affairs guest, price of room of hotel of each district high end fell to make an appointment with 40%~50% during the Spring Festival grows a holiday, at present many high-end hotels to offset holiday loss, roll out in succession " holiday this locality goes vacationing " sale concept, and effects is apparent.

Generally speaking, the guest room price of economy hotel can not have during busy season of Spring Festival travel too substantially rise, but because give the addition of a tourist, its enter frank meeting to rise apparently.

To it contrary is high-end hotel market, these hotels basically are aimed at business affairs passenger source at ordinary times, during the Spring Festival grows a holiday, in view of a large number of prediction of a person's luck in a given year of business affairs guest, on the whole of guest room price of these hotels from before 1000 multivariate dropped overnight 500~700 is multivariate overnight, even some of high end hotel still baled a series of favourable services, with persuading passenger source to stay as far as possible.

Besides half price privilege, hotel of partial high end begins plan this locality to go vacationing the market, especially during this Spring Festival, area of a few travel is affected by snow calamity, a lot of tourists do not choose to give far door, this more gave high-end hotel development " holiday this locality goes vacationing " the business chance of the product.

In addition, because the Spring Festival is this year " 51 " the first Spring Festival after long holiday is cancelled, so many former on " 51 " during the newlywed person that places marriage banquet moved wedding inside Spring Festival long holiday. Shanghai is fond of - 10 thousand young ladies tell concerned controller of center of plan of love originality wedding media, compare with photograph of in former years, the newlywed person that the Spring Festival does marriage banquet this year is apparent grow in quantity, from the beginning of the year 3 the left and right sides begins to enter marriage banquet fastigium, this increased battalion of meal of quite proportional holiday to close to many high-end hotels.

As we have learned, begin from today, the sales promotion of Spring Festival indulgence of hotel of most high end will end in succession, before guest room price will recover a part normal level.

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