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Shenyang blessing promotes Gao Yunfei of total hutch of administration of garden
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Shenyang blessing promotes Gao Yunfei of total hutch of administration of garden seafood dumpling

Gao Yunfei, in March 1991 - hutch division commander will hold the post of in Shenyang Maotai hotel 93 years in December.

In Feburary 1994 - in Liaoning chef of province military region will groom 95 years in November the center holds the post of a teacher.

In January 1996 - hutch division commander held the post of in village of folk-custom of China government office in December 2000.

In May 2001 - in Shenyang hotel of dumpling of Fu Xingyuan seafood held the post of administrative total hutch in November 2007.

Played game of team of contest of cooking of the 3rd whole nation on behalf of group of Dalian Bohai Sea 1993, have the honor to win the whole nation the first. Attended northeast of first home happy cup 2004 technology of hutch of 3 provinces name communicates contest, obtain optimal dish set award.

Specialty: Dish of distant dish, Dalian seafood, another name for Guangdong Province and confuse a dish. Dish the name of an article says: Beans of pork of paper boiler crab is beautiful

Advocate makings: Inside 1.5 box, reed spend fat bean curd crab flesh 2 2

Burden: Egg white two, salty yoke, green rice is 5 grams, red rice of any of several hot spice plants 5 grams, chopped green onion 5 jins

The method that make: 1, boiler burns heat to put green rice to fry sweet, put yoke to fry a fragrance again, put inside fat bean curd, add pink of juice of salt, gourmet powder, chicken, chicken to fry broken cook over a slow fire to tick off Gorgon euryale a little while, give boiler to load paper boiler inside. 2, add crab meat salt, gourmet powder and egg white to put agitate divide evenly one case, boiler burns the hot rice that put onion to fry sweet, put crab flesh to fry broken fry sweet put in paper boiler, rice of Sa Shanggong any of several hot spice plants, sweet green rice can.
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