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Shenyang fall Zhen Hui of Zheng of guesthouse administration total hutch
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Shenyang fall Zhen Hui of Zheng of guesthouse administration total hutch The person of familiar Zheng Zhenhui knows him to cooking have deep love for, can use " be obsessed with " will describe. Only he 15 years old entered Shenyang city to serve major of vestibule school cooking to learn 1985, from the reason that this and cooking knot left to indissoluble. Learn assiduously through 3 years, learned cooking theory knowledge systematically, graduation hind assigns job of guesthouse of Shenyang city peace, modest in the job consult, deal with concrete matters relating to work of diligent and conscientious, laid solid foundation for the development henceforth. Devoted into door of annals of Li Hong of palace dish Great Master to fall 1990, begin those who learn palace dish to make, he right now can say in one's element, those who pass a master is elaborate breed, oneself are studied ceaseless effort, assiduously, cooking craft had very big rise, make to dish had closer understanding. At the same time he is returned can combine palace dish and local dish look, be brave in to innovate, in making palace dish moves toward common banquet, bean curd of wine of the thick gravy abalone that its make, decoct, hand rips shrimp of beef, anxious saute to climb the flesh, Dong Ying fat Niu Juan gets the welcome of deadbeat. In the meantime, zheng Zhenhui enters social activity actively, won gold prize of contest of chef of Shenyang city youth 1994, won gold prize of Shenyang city food festival 2004, gold prize of match of cooking of ministry of the group in was being obtained 2005. Zheng Zhenhui ever held the position of total hutch of administration of wine shop of much home guesthouse, learn advanced kitchen management experience ceaselessly during this, self-educated Singapore hotel runs academic course, apply advanced administrative concept in real work. The kitchen that walks into him to manage can be generalized with 8 words " bright and clean, in an orderly way " . Use human nature to turn management to kitchen staff, produce the thought initiative of each employee adequately, draw on the wisdom of the masses, roll out 4 innovation dish every week, father to close quality at the same time, excelsior to dish quality.

"A minute cultivated, a minute of results " it is his sturdy belief, go all out in work ceaselessly through him, regular meeting hoists the sails in cooking career Yuan Hang.

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Decoct brews bean curd

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