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Shenyang elegant highs hotel chef grows Zhang Jiang
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Shenyang elegant highs hotel chef grows Zhang Jiang Full name; Zhang Jiang

The age; 22

Nation; Chinese

Factional; Dish of Islamic dish another name for Guangdong Province

Title; Technician

Serve hotel name; Elegant a small room

Place city; Liaoning visits Shenyang town

From industry fixed number of year; 7 years

Hobby; Get online play a ball game

From art result; It is better to had better not have only

Ever obtained honor; Chinese Shenyang the 3rd northward hutch art contest spy gold prize and title of hutch of northward cooking name.

From art experience; Home Ma is in after Ceng Xian a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top the hotel such as a small room of elegant of Shenyang of edifice of holiday of restaurant of a Niu Qingzhen works, currently hold the post ofShenyang elegant to high hotel chef grows.

Ever sufferred groom; Shenyang hotel of first Shao Dechun 6 constant management groom class

Dish the name of an article says: Carry on one's shoulder is sweet knock shrimp piece

Advocate makings; Bright shrimp

Burden; Xi Qin cucumber

The method that make; Will bright shrimp knocks chip quick-boil water to be placed at dish inside irrigate juice can

Dish tastes a characteristic; Salty bright dainty modelling is beautiful

Dish the name of an article says: Chrysanthemum ox tongue

Advocate makings; Bovine tongue

Burden; Beef asparagus pickled Chinese cabbage

The method that make; On the asparagus that piles up bovine tongue Yu Panzhong again will together the beef with good blast is placed dish inside can

Dish tastes a characteristic; Faint element collocation modelling is beautiful
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